Over 20 color options
made from plants for plants
made in southern florida

The Goddess Torso Planter Pot – Eco-Friendly 3D Printed


Introducing "The Goddess Torso Planter Pot", a fusion of art and practicality. Crafted with eco-friendly materials through precise 3D printing, this pot captures the elegance of the female form. With over 30 color options and the choice of drainage holes, it offers customizable options to suit any space and plant needs. Complete the look with a matching drip tray for added functionality and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your indoor gardening experience with "The Goddess Torso Planter Pot", where beauty meets sustainability effortlessly.

Dimensions - Top to Bottom / Left to Right / Front to Back
  • XS: 4" | 2.6" | 2.5"
  • Small: 5" | 3.3" | 3.1"
  • Medium: 6" | 3.9" | 3.8"
  • Large: 7" | 4.5" | 4.4"
  • XLarge: 8" | 5.2" | 5"
  • *Size

    *Add Drip Tray?

    *Add Drip Tray?

    *Add Drip Tray?

    *Add Drip Tray?

    *Add Drip Tray?

    *Color for Drip Tray

  • *Color for Pot


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Eco-friendly Planter Pots

At Cultivat3d Emporium, every planter is meticulously crafted from PLA (Polylactic Acid), a type of biodegradable thermoplastic renowned for its eco-friendly properties. This innovative material is derived from renewable sources such as corn starch or sugarcane. One of the most notable advantages of PLA lies in its environmentally conscious design, as it can undergo composting when subjected to the appropriate conditions, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint throughout its lifecycle.


Please note that some of our super awesome pots, though printed by us, are designed by Emmaginn, Hendricks Design, Pipe Cox, or Terra De Verdant. With our commercial license, we are able to 3D print you their beautiful designs.

Processing Time

Since every item is made-to-order, please allow 3-7 business days for me to complete your order. I am a one-woman business that handles everything you see here. :)

Color Differences

Color may vary slightly from products to what you see due to factors like monitor color and material suppliers. I aim to provide the closest representation possible of our displayed thumbnail swatch.

Indoor Use Only

Please keep in mind that our 3D printed items are intended for indoor use only. Due to their environmental characteristics, please ensure they are kept indoors to prevent warping or deterioration.

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