Hi everyone! My name is Tee and I am the woman behind Cultivated Emporium. I decided to combine my love of plants and 3D printing to create the small business you see here today. In 2021, I opened my first 3D printing business, “Smartee Plants.” I opted for a rebrand in April 2024, seeking a name that resonated better with my vibe and vision. Beyond cultivating greenery and tinkering with 3D printers, I’m also a seasoned freelance web and graphic designer with close to 20 years experience.

Cultivated Emporium is a 3D printing company that specializes in licensed 3D printed planters, decor, trellises, and plant accessories. We are proud to sell licensed products created by the designers, Emmaginn, Hendricks Design, Pipe Cox, and Terra De Verdant. Without their skill and knowledge, we wouldn’t be able to make some of the products you see on here today.

Products marked as an “Original Cultivated Emporium” design, are products that are custom drawn and designed by myself using various 3D printing design software. These exclusive designs are unique to our brand. Our goal at Cultivated Emporium is to bring you unique, cute, and eco-friendly planters, house decor, and plant accessories. All of our 3D printed products are made with eco-friendly materials in sunny southern Florida.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. I’m thrilled to embark on your next plant endeavor together! ❤︎